Our Partners

Our Partners

Producers of high-quality Aberdeen Angus Beef and deliver very informative farm tours. 

Farmer Ken and his team are dedicated to sustainable farm-to-fork beef production. 

Also provides beautiful holiday cottages and brings us the North East’s premium outdoor activity centre – The Deeside Activity Park.

Not a traditional Scottish distillery but a craft distillery in an industrial unit powered by the creativity of its owners. 

Producers of multi-award winning gin, a traditional family recipe liqueur and Scotland’s first Absinthe. 

These guys are creative, fun and highly entertaining which makes the perfect mix for a great distillery tour and tasting! 

Unique award-winning farmhouse cheeses from the heart of Royal Deeside. Handcrafted from unpasteurised milk using traditional methods which, along with the recipes, have not changed for 50 years! 

Family tradition passed on and turned into a commercial venture, you can always expect a warm welcome from Alex and his team and a chance to taste some of Scotland’s finest farmhouse cheeses. 

Holder of 3 Royal warrants, my local shop is one which I love taking guests to. It stocks a range of things from newspapers to hardware, cookware to deli goods and also happens to have one of Scotland’s most extensive range of spirits. 

From the rarest of whiskies to the newest of gins, it’s very well stocked and comes with great friendly local advice. 

Run by brothers Guy and Mungo Finlayson, driven by their passion for products and constant want to find new flavours and tastes.

The Strong Water Co boasts a hugely eclectic mix of food and drinks. In-store come and browse beers, wine, spirits & cigars to mention a few, or stay in the comfort of your own home and enjoy the new home & national delivery service now offered covering every corner of the UK and Northern Ireland.

A very traditional, small whisky distillery which still applies traditional methods to produce whisky fit for royalty and locals alike! 

Unlike many big distilleries, although owned by one of the big players, you always get a very personal and welcoming tour at Lochnagar. Also if we visit on a nice day there are some lovely short walks around with exceptional views over Deeside. 

A fantastic story of a young local lass trained to the highest standards in London and coming home to follow her passion! Shona and her partner Andy have worked harder and longer than anyone I have ever known to get this place up and running. 

From its humble beginnings of roadside honesty box and occasional farmers market to roadside cafe with onsite bakery and total farmers market domination! Shona’s creativity does not only show in her bakery products but also in every detail of the cafe. 

5th generation Angus potato farmers utilising waste potatoes to make the finest potato vodka in Scotland. 

Graeme & Caroline are lovely hosts and have a fascinating distillery on the farm to visit. 

Caroline’s interior design background becomes apparent as you enter one of the finest distillery tasting rooms and shops in the country! 

Top-quality produce from hard-working people – just the way we do it best! 

Where do I start….? Louise is a farmer, a chef, a butcher, a driver, an outside caterer, a mother and a total “grafter”!

From her wee farm she produces some of the finest outdoor-bred pork and grass-fed lamb the country has to offer.

She has a range of award-winning fresh produce and also provides a hog roast & BBQ service.

Bothies & Bannocks work very closely with LFK. Louise is always happy to drop everything to take our guests on a farm walk to learn all about sustainable, high-welfare farming and let us sample some of her produce. 

Community Food Initiative North East is an Aberdeen-based food charity who do exceptional work in the community, far too much for me to list here but please check out their website below and support them any way you can. 

Even if that is coming on one of our Market Day Cookery Classes, we use their training kitchen for our class which was set up for community-based cooking classes, but is also available to hire privately to raise funds for the charity. 

Bothies & Bannocks are proud supporters of CFINE—great team behind an amazing charity. 

An enterprise built from leftover berry juice from a local lassies jam making. The Gin Bothy produce a large variety of Scottish-inspired gins using the soft fruits which Angus is famous for and incorporating the flavours of the Glens. 

The gin-tasting experience is an absolute must! 

I’m not sure how she has done it so well but Kim has managed to find a team of dedicated, passionate workers who share her excitement for producing the goods and sharing the stories in the tasting rooms. 

Sup2Summit are an activity provider based on the East Coast. 

Stand-up paddleboarding and epic Paddle retreats across Scotland are their specialities. They also offer axe throwing, rock climbing and bushcraft workshops. 

We have been working together since 2020 to provide logistics and support to many of their paddle retreats. This sees us transporting guests all over Scotland and providing all camp support, setting up camp and catering for clients. 

Jim is a top expedition guide and between us we are quite a team! 


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