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Welcome to Bothies & Bannocks, we provide tours and outdoor experiences in Aberdeenshire and beyond, giving an authentic taste of local culture, food and landscape. Based in the heart of Royal Deeside, we are perfectly positioned to deliver some of the finest food & drink tours and outdoor activity camps in Scotland. We also provide a range of transport services including a specialist adventure sports transport service, carrying you, your friends and your kit to and from your adventures. Let us share our passion for Scotland’s finest food and landscape with you.

Enjoy amazing tours around Royal Deeside with a great team of local guides

Bothies and Bannocks was born out of a passion for top quality produce and a love of the local area where I grew up.

Experience the best food and drink Scotland has to offer and meet the producers who work hard to bring such high-quality food to market. Have a browse at our Foodie Tours page to see examples of the set itinerary foodie tours and experiences we offer. If you are looking for something more unique, then check out our Bespoke Tours page.

Snowboard Camp, Lecht, Learn to Snowboard

We provide unforgettable tours and experiences

We absolutely love being able to spend time discussing you and your group’s interests and tailoring packages to suit your desires and expectations. From ½ day to multi day tours in Aberdeenshire and beyond, we can provide the perfect tailored tour. We can arrange accommodation and include transport for up to 8 passengers in our air-conditioned Volkswagen Transporter. Tours can be tailored to take in visits to various food producers, food related experiences, a range of outdoor activities and of course cultural visits too.

Why Bothies & Bannocks?

What is a bothy?

A Small Hut or Cottage.  Here in Aberdeenshire a ‘bothy’ refers to a farm or estate outbuilding with very basic amenities where workers lived. Generations of farm labourers passed down traditional folk songs known as bothy ballads from the mid-1800s. Sharing tales of hard agricultural work and rural life was a popular way to wind down after an honest day’s graft working the land.

What is a bannock?

A flat Cake.  In Aberdeenshire a bannock is a hearty pancake usually served with butter and jam, whereas in Angus it refers to an oatcake, and in the Borders it’s more like a fruit loaf.
And as the saying goes “Grinny maks the best bannocks”, meaning everyone in the North East is convinced that their Granny makes the best pancakes!

"And what better way to enjoy a ‘fly cup’ than with a tasty bannock"

'fly cup' - Doric for 'a quick refreshment'

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